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Helen has been retired from flying for a couple of years, and Neil is semi-retired from pulp and paper industry engineering.  We spend Christmas and New Year in Arizona with Helen's mother, and both boysl.

Helen and Neil continued to volunteer as First Responders at home, and also as instructors in the handicapped ski program at Owl's Head, ski area.

( http://www.sportsadaptes.ca/en/content/winter-program  )
We had a ski trip to Whistler, with stops in Calgary and Golden, BC en route to visit friends and ski too.  Most of the skiing was downhill, but we had a good back country day with Michael's finacée Claire  and both boys  

In April Neil headed to Norway to install a new engine in Milvina, with Helen arriving a couple of weeks later after organising family things at home.

Links to pages of cruising areas are below

Tromso to Bjornoya  (update 5 July 14)
Bjornoya  (update 5 July 14)
Hornsund  (update 22 July 14)
Fox and reindeer (update 22 July 14)
Little Auks in Hornsund (updated 22 July 14)
Bellsund and Barentsburg  (under construction)
Longyearbyen  (updated 22 July 14)
Walrus  (update 15 July 14)
Dahlbrebukta  (updated 22 July 14)
Kongsfjord  to Magdalen Fjord (under construction)
Magdalen Fjord (updated 22 July 14)
Lillehook Glacier (updated 22 July 14)
Polar Bears   (update 15 July 14)
South by night in Forlandsundet (updated 22 July 14)
Denis and Pam joined us in June and we sailed for the Svalbard Archipelago, often better known in the English speaking world by the name of its main island, Spitzbergen

Starting in Tromso, we sailed to the North end of Spitzbergen, then back South to Ulsteinvik, with many stops on the way.

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