2014 Magdalen Fjord

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Magdalen Fjord is at the North West corner of Spitsbergen, and the surrounding waters are Arctic, with apparently little help form the Gulf Stream.
Everything turned much colder when we approached The quantity of condensation to bale out of the bilges increased dramatically, and the snowline dropped to sea-level.

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We saw some remarkably blue ice in Spitzbergen.
The blue berg on the left was in our anchorage, and the other just North of the fjord.
The beach at or anchorage was whiter than any of the famous white beaches in the Bahamas.  It had the blue ice too, that the Bahamas cannot hope to match.
In this photo of our chart plotter, Milvina is seen as sailing well up on dry land, although we were in the position shown in the photo below.

A demonstration of how much the glacier has receded since the survey work was done fur our chart which was sold as "updated" in early 2014.
Ice watch as of course necessary, particularly as we motored close to the glacier for a better view.
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