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You can often find us on, by searching for Milvina in the Vessel Name box (inactive till about November 2023)

Recent sailing track by satellite is here   Password is Neil

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We started 2023 in late 2022, with Helen and Neil going to Milvina in Guatemala, doing work on her and then sailing to the Cayman Islands, through the Panama Canal and on to the Galapagos Islands, then to Hiva-Oa in French Polynesia.
This is the anchorage in Fatu Hiva, our landfall in the Marquesas.
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2023  saw us settled in to home on the BC coast, short trips around the area, enjoying visits from friends, ranging from our 2 year old granddaughter to an old friend we had not seen in 20 years.
Photos around home
Claire and Michael with 2-year-old Elise, and are expecting another baby in March 2024.  They joined us in the Galapagos Islands for a couple of weeks.
Claire is still nurse practitioner working mostly with addiction issues and their related health problems in the population around Courtenay/Comox, and Michael is still practising law there.

Derek and his wife Becca are both teaching in Courtenay, upgrading their house, and hiking a lot.  Derek is playing rugby and coaching a very successful school team.

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In October, Helen and Neil flew back to Milvina on the Island of Hiva-Oa, to get Milvna ready for another season sailing. 
Photo is from deck in the boatyard
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We have the site fairly complete  for 2019,    You can find   Several previous years sailing logs here.