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Last update  18 Dec 2020 (with tiny edits 10 Oct 2022)

Copy of slides on Svalbard presented at OCC meeting in Noank, CT on
7th February 15

You can often find us on, by searching for Milvina in the Vessel Name box (inactive till about November 2022)

Recent sailing track by satellite is here

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 This page is a quick summary.  More photos and details here

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2020 has brought lots of changes for us.
After a relatively normal start to the year sailing in the Western Caribbean, we sold our house on Fisher's Point in June, and moved out into our new RV in early September.

Plan is to buy a house somewhere West of  Calgary in summer 2021.

Our summer consisted of moving out of our house after 43 years there, touring West in our RV, and settling in for November to January in Canmore, where we have the view above from the apartment.  
Claire and Michael are getting well settled into their house and are being kept busy with work and a beautiful German shepherd pup.

Claire is a nurse practitioner working mostly with addiction issues and their related health problems in the population around Comox

Michael is now part of the McCubbin McGarvey law office, in Courtenay, on Vancouver Island.

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On 23rd December 2020, we contracted to buy this property  in Quathiaski Cove, on Quadra Island, just east of Vancouver Island.

We share the dock with 4 other local landowners, but the house and land will be be ours 

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We have the site fairly complete  for 2019,    You can find   Several previous years sailing logs here.