2014 Lillehook Glacier

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.Several beautiful fjords branch of Kongsfjord, where the research town of Nye Alesund is located.  We spent some time in Lillehook and Moeller fjords
Above, the Lillehookbreen is disappearing in our wake, while one of the many mountains in the fjord is on the left.
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In 1974, the well known British mountaineer visited the area in his 75 year old wooden yacht.  His crew painted the boats name on this rock.  reaching this location by yacht was an achievement in the ice conditions of the 1970's, and the local government seems to recognize that.
When another crew emulated the painting recently, they were subjected to a large fine and clean-up charge.
The Sysselman (Governor of Svalbard) maintains Lloyds Hotel, as an emergency refuge, on a desolate gravel spit between the glaciers.  With today's communications, it is probably not necessary, but would have been important as recently as 20 years ago.
It is frequently visited by yachties and expedition cruise passengers, but the food remains in place, including two bottles of vodka.
Glaciers abound in Svalbard.  These two are part of the scenery for any shipwrecked sailor staying at Lloyds Hotel.
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