2014 Dahlbrebukta

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Dahlbrebukta is a sheltered bay at the foot of the Dahlbreen (= Dahl Glacier)
Like all such places in Spitzbergen, it is tenable only when the glacier is not calving to much.
We worked our way in through the sparse floating ice, but avoided the closely packed stuff.
A lookout on the bow is essential for entry, and the lack of darkness at night is a great comfort, in case it becomes necessary to move out if a lot of ice claves, or the wind brings too much ice along.

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A French boat, by the same builder as Milvina, siled with us for several days.  Here, she is working through the ice, with of course a lookout on the bow.
The seals like sleeping on the ice floes.
This guy drifted up to us, and bounced along the hull.
We toured the bay both on foot, where possible, and by boat.
Denis is seen carrying the obligatory weapon (a shotgun with single slug "bear stopper" ammunition.
A few people in Spitzbergen make a living collecting eiderdown, but Dahlbrebukta was one of the few places we saw any number of eider ducks
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