2014 Tromsø to Bjornoya

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We spent nearly 2 months in Skattora marina.  One month to install a new Beta 60 engine, as expected, and a month wasted diagnosing a faulty propeller that chose to fail when testing the new engine.  We initially blamed the engine, since the prop had been fine for 8 years.
The marina staff were great, but the location in Tromsø's industrial park was a bit low on charm.
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We had too many test runs of the new engine in the vicinity of Tromsø while diagnosing the propeller issue, but at least that let us enjoy the scenery around Tromsø island and watch the snow recede up the hillsides.
The good news is that all the various people we dealt with around Tromsø (machine shops, stores etc.) were ultra-helpful and friendly.
We motored hard for 8 hours up to Skjervoy to meet Berthold Hinrichs, a friend fom last year's cruise in the Lofoten Islands.  This proved that the new engine installation was finally OK.  Skjervoy is a nice fishing village in a beautiful setting.
We left Skjervoy in a calm, wondering what had happened to the forecast 20 knot NE wind.  It found us suddenly as we cleared the fjord, and gave us a fast but bumpy ride for the 260 miles to Bjornoya under reduced sail.
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