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We are calling the start of 2019 as the week before Christmas 2018 when Michael and Claire  flew into Cartagena in Columbia to join us on board Milvina

We had joined about 30 other boats from the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) in Curacao, with the intention of sailing somewhat together to Guatemala.  Group organization was quite loose, particularly around Christmas when some flew home for a week or so and other had friends flying in.

We had a good time with all the family, as shown in the pages below.

We hauled Milvina out of the water in Panama, earlier than planned, since Helen`s hip was giving her a lot of pain. 
When an orthopedic surgeon looked at her X-ray, he said `You need a him replacement NOW
It was done as soon as medically sensible, in May.  All went well.

In the summer we had  a good trip to Vancouver Island by car,  stopping to visit friends on the way, both directions.

In early November Neil headed to Panama to get Milvina in the water, with Helen arriving a couple of weeks later, since she had to  wait until 6 months after hip replacement surgery  to keep the medical insurance company happy

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Links to pages of travel areas etc. are below
The route we sailed is below.
It includes travelling through the Panama Canal, because the tracking device was in Neil`s pocket when helping another boat through.
Rest of Panama
Western Trip
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