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Helen and Neil took a three week road trip to Vancouver Island.  First stop of interest was in Yellowstone Park.
We came in by the little used NE entrance, and were lucky enough to run into the buffalo herd.  They slowed us up somewhat, but no problem.

Like most visitors, we saw Old Faithful blow, on schedule, but found many other aspects more interesting.

We spent a week at Whistler, and were lucky enough to be there during Crankworx which is one of the top mountain biking events in the world.
Also hiked up to Garibaldi Lake, and enjoyed great scenery driving up the Sea-to-Sky highway.  Photo is from Squamish Supermarket
We spent several days with Michael and Claire in their new house in Courtenay on Vancouver Island.  Derek and Beca came too, so lots of fun.

Michael and Claire were awaiting the pup shown here, but she did not arrive until a few weeks after we left.
We stopped off in Calgary one the way home, seeing Derek and Beca again, and had a good hike in the
Alpine meadows around Sunshine Village
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