2019   Gunayala (aka San Blas islands)

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Guayala is the traditional home of the Guna, who survived the Spanish conquistadors better than most tribes, due to a combination of cunning and their living on tiny islands off the mosquito infested and disease ridden rugged Eastern slopes of the continental divide.  Gunayala stretches about 100 miles Eastwards from the Colombian frontier, and includes all the land on the Caribbean side of Panama

This photo shows the typically crowded islands, as well as the normal local transport, a dugout canoe known locally as an "ulu".

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.The Guna use sails when the wind is favourable.  They have little suitable fabric, and have to hand sew everything so cruising sailors donate some. 
We took a couple of our old windsurfer sails which are about right for an ulu.
The kids become competent paddlers and swimmers at a young age, and have no notion of lifejackets.
The ulus are ubiquitous.
We met some in rather rough open water.  They have to be very competent to survive in such unstable craft.
At home, the ulus can create some parking congestion
The climate is very wet in summer, and there are still clouds and rain in the "dry" season when we were sailing there.

We enjoyed this waterfall, although it is not as spectacular as some we saw in the Eastern Caribbean islands
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