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We had never thought of Columbia as a country worth visiting, but since our sailing friends were going we tagged along, and were very agreeably surprised.  The drug lords seem to be in jail or under control today.
Cartagena is a large and bustling city, made the more so by the Christmas season.

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The old colonial part of the  city has been renovated and is mostly in good condition.

Of course some of the locals dress up for the tourists

From Cartagena we sailed about 150 miles to Puerto Obaldia, on the Columbia/Panama frontier, with stops at a few tiny islands en route.

The Cartagena anchorage was fun, but being in the city centre, the water was not swimmable.  As soon as we got the hook down in Islas del Rosario en route, all four jumped in the water with beers.

Pueto Obaldia is the Eastern extreme of the San Blas Archipelago, home of the Guna

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