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Late 2022 Neil and Helen went back on board Milvina, in the Rio Dulce, in Guatemala to do the usual maintenance and install a new cooling system for the freezer.

There is lots to see around the town, including this fisherman.
Before leaving Guatemala, we took a few days of to go inland to Lago Atiitlan, the "most beautiful lake in the world" according to locals.  It is quite nice and very different from our Canadian lakes, but not up to them in scenic appeal.
We sailed over 5,000  miles from late 2022 until April 2023, starting in the Rio Dulce to the Cayman Islands, through the Panama Canal, and on to the Galapagos Islands , finishing on the tiny Island of Hiva-Oa in French Polynesia where we laid up in May.  
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  Summer 2023 was spent in BC, at and around home, enjoying an unusually dry summer, doing upgrades on the house, short trips around the area, babysitting granddaughter  and some volunteer work.

The eagles nesting outside our window seemed to be prospering this year.  We saw them a lot more than usual.

Late October 2023, we went back on board Milvina with plans to cruise the Marquesas Islands until end February, then home for arrival of Michael and Claire's son.

So far, life on board has been very quiet.  Boat work advancing slowly, with more than the usual issues, and slowed by us both contacting Covid and a few other minor health issues, but none serious.
As Chriostmas approaches we are anchored in Taihaoe, enjoying the Matavaa festival of Marquesa art, dancing etc.
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