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Summer at home was a good mix of famiy life, upgrading the house, and shortish trips around the neighbouring islands.
Biggest project at the house was installing a hot tub.  First to build a flat platform, which took Neil and a helper a few days, since only way to sand, gravel etc fill is by carrying by bucket.  Any machine access would make a huge mess.
Next was wiring, which was straightforward work.
Installation of tub took only a couple of hours, using a helicopter.
The result was worth the effort.
We often see orcas, and occasionally other whales from shore and when out in the boat.  Regulatios require that we do not approach to less than 200 metres, but the orcas do not comply.  One item westoped and this guy swam within ten metres of us, along with a few of his friends.
We see lots of Michael, Claire and Elise, in person when home, and by WhatsApp while away.
Unfortunately Neil hit the big Eight-oh.

We had a good party at home, inclidung Elise helping to blow out the candles.

Helen's present was a skydive and a caving trip at Horne Lake

Derek and Neil both went down the deepest of the caves at Horne lake, with a guide.  Good fun, but no decent photos due to technical issues.
Neil, Michael, Derek and Becca all went diving.   The aircraft is tiny.  Only the pilot has a seat.  The two divers, each harnessed to an instructor/guide lie on the floor, making sure to not fall out of the open door as the plane climbs to 10,000 feet.
When it was time, we stepped out, and free fell for 5,000 feet, facing down.  Good view, but noisy as we quickly hit around 100 mph,  When the chute opens, life became suddenly quiet as we glided gently down to the landing spot chosen by our guide.
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