2023    Passage to Marquesas

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One of the longest passages commonly taken by cruising sailors, the 3,000 mile hop to the Marquesas  is normally an easy one with very few storms, warm weather and a following wind.
That is exactly what Neil and the two old friends from Quebec, Lars Mhor and Heather Tyler experienced.
We motored when the wind was very light, usually with a reefed sail set to faciltate a quick set when wind came.
Our Assymetrical spinaker got a fair bit of work, and added a bit of colour to the sunsets.

Amazingly, we passed withing 100 metres of a catamaran we overtook about half way across.  He was cruising slowly under reduced sail, smack on our course.  The only othre vessel we saw (even on AIS) was a fishing boat crossing our path.

We had dolphins for company a lot.
One pod of hundreds swam diagonally across our bows, with many of htem pausing hteir joiurney for a few minutes to play in our bow wave.
Lars made a great video of dolphins swimming just ahead of us, by ataching his GoPro to the boathook and holding it under water.  This still shot is lifted from it.
After 21 days, with nice but not spectacular sunsets every night, this island of Fatu Hiva appeared on the horizon. In the pre-GPS days, finding it was  an achievemement, but today navigation is easy.
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