2015   Inner Hebrides

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After clearing the Caledonian Canal we wandered around Mull, Skye and some of the smaller islands.  Wet weather, good pubs and some good hikes.
After the 3 Tylers left, we had Watson and Wiz Leslie on board, then later on 3 more Tylers.  All good company, and crew.
This first shot is in remote Loch Glencoul.
Loch Coirusk was beautiful, as usual, but the deer do not usually pose on the skyline, as this one near Suliven
Canna is an interesting small island.  This ancient cross is missing parts because the Royal Navy used it as target practice during the war.  No wonder the Scots have limited enthusiasm for the English. 
The small stone at the foot of the cross is believed to be a 6th century artifact used to bless and to curse people.
Corogohon Castle was reputedly built by a local chieftain to keep his beautiful wife away from the other men in the neighbourhood.
An 18th cenury writer described it as being "at a vast height above us, accessible by a narrow and horrible path"
We found the path OK, but did not want to take up residence in he castle.
Watson Leslie is walkikng below it here
Mike Tyler and Neil biked to this remote mausoleum on the SW coast of Rum.  It was built to house the remains of some members of the Bullough family around 1900.  They were reputedly the 6th richest family in Europe at the time.
Sir George Bulloch built the amazing Kinloch Castle on the island as a "summer cottage"  Seems it was used mostly for raunchy parties for Bullough's friends, including Prince (later king) Edward and government luminaries who wanted to have fun far from scandal-seeking eyes in London.
We visited a number of beautiful anchorages, although often in poor weather.
Leaving Skye we had a good, but cool, sail to Canna
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