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Biggest news this year is that Michal is engaged to Claire Stockdill, with wedding set for June 2016, in Victoria BC.

We started the year with Christmas and New Year in Arizona with Helen's mother, and both boysl.
Helen and Neil took a couple of days in Zion Canyon on the drive home
Neil continued to volunteer as
First Responder at home, and both as instructors in the handicapped ski program at Owl's Head, ski area.
(http://www.sportsadaptes.ca/en/content/winter-program  )
We had a ski trip to Whistler in Spring, with stops in Calgary and Golden, BC en route to visit friends and ski too. 
Derek is teaching in Calgary, and gets into the mountains on weekends.  He took this shot Lake Louise
Michael's law practice in Vancouver is going well
In April Neil headed to Norway to get Milvina in the water, with Helen and Diane Norwood arriving a couple of weeks later after organising family things at home.

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