2012 Southern Sweden

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We had hoped to stop in the Danish island of Bornholm, but winds were quite unfavourable so we stopped overnight in Klintholm in Denmark then on to Ystad in SE Sweden. 

One of our stops in Sweden was in Karlsham  where we found this old church, built by Danish occupiers about 700 years ago.  The weather was warming up and the winds becoming more variable, so we could chose favourable directions.

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Relative to previous cruises in Scotland and Norway, we found more interesting towns, with lots of history and well preserved buildings from the Middle Ages and slightly later.   However, natural scenery was less interesting, although most of the country is very pleasant.

The ancient city of Kalmar was of course worth a visit, with its castle (on the left)  and beautiful old-quarter.

In the South, there are few good anchorages, but plenty marinas/harbours.  We worked our way North, stopping in ports and various  anchorages, mostly deserted.

Until midsummer's weekend, we saw VERY few other sailors, although we found plenty excellent anchorages.
Walking on the islands. was generally good, but the very few stores not open of the season.   This sunset shot was taken about 10:30 PM
There were a few pairs of swans in most of the anchorages we stopped in, and some came to visit, complete with their cygnets.
We saw an otter come close to a parent.  After the otter ignored the hissing, he was sent off with a swat from a giant wing.  
So far we have been coasting in short hops, as shown on the map
.  After Kalmar we made an overnight stop in a sheltered bay at Kiddeholm, then across to Gotland.
The weather forecast was very good for early in the day, with a lousy contrary wind due later, so we left at 0300, and had a fast 60 mile beam reach to Visby.  We were only in the, very sheltered, harbour about half an hour when an unpleasant headwind sprung up.  for once, the forecast was accurate

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