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Winter started slowly and late, as this photo of Fessenden Falls hear us taken on New Year's Day shows.   Only a little snow, and river not frozen.
We had ski trips to Sugarloaf in Maine and to
Whistler, with stops in Calgary and Golden, BC en route.

Helen and Neil continued to volunteer as First Responders at home, and also as instructors in the handicapped ski program at Owl's Head, a nearby ski area.

Michael's law practice in Vancouver got going well (http://www.lomm.ca), and Derek moved to Calgary to teach.

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Whistler had good snow, and plenty of it,  but little sun when we were there, so we took few photos. 

Helen at Sugarloaf and Neil at Whistler here
In April Neil and Helen left the boys working and headed to Germany to launch Milvina, with a stop in London on the way.

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