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.Gotland is a Swedish island in the middle of the Baltic.  Our main interest was Visby, the major town.  It is one of the better preserved of the old Hanseatic League, a German based organisation that ruled trade in the Baltic and somewhat beyond, for several hundred years.

Most of the old city wall is intact, as are many of the old buildings and narrow streets.  The arched gate below to the left is one of only a few ways for traffic to enter, even today.

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Pam, Helen and Denis are enjoying their walk.

In full summer, the place is mobbed.

the harbour is jammed with about 300 boats, with lots turned away.

When we were there in  June, there were only a dozen boats and lots of room to wander and enjoy the town.
The cathedral is well preserved, complete with a considerable number of gargoyles.
We biked around part of Gotland, mostly on bike trails and a little cross-country.

We liked the bike rack at the college.  Notice that when the bike is hung on it, the saddle is protected from the rain.
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