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We spent ten days as tourists in London en route to Milvina.  We stayed on friends boats in St Catherine's dock, an antique part of the Port of London, a couple of hundred metres from Tower Bridge.  A great base for touring and good fun with friends. 

Photo shows dinner coming along in Spellbound, one of our two generous  hosts.  The other two, (Gus and Helen Wilson) are seated.

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We of course toured the Tower, crossed Tower Bridge several times, enjoyed the pubs etc.
The London Marathon was run while we were there.  first we saw the hot shots streaking over Tower Bridge, with the wheelchair guys in the lead.
Later we watched the tail end arriving, relatively slowly. 
That evening, the pubs were full of small groups of one hobbling runner, a couple carrying his bags and everyone buying him pints.

We had typically rainy London weather, but not enough to prevent enjoying the city.

The shot on the left from the top of St Paul's cathedral dome shows mostly the older buildings, with some modern.
This shot, from the balcony at the bottom of St Paul's dome, shows some of the ultra modern buildings, including the Spike (google London Spike for spectacular photos of its opening)

If you you look hard enough, you will see Tower Bridge dwarfed by the modern buildings.
While these demonstrate that London is a dynamic economy, I do not think they add to its charm.

From London, we travelled by train to Koln, then rental car to Milvina in Germany.  The EuroStar through the Channel Tunnel and the subsequent train to Koln, took about the same time as flying, and were much more comfortable.
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