2012 Germany

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We were in Germany primarily to do some necessary, and some desired, work on Milvina, and launch her.

A stop en route in Munster gave us time to wander around this delightful old town.

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A day or two after Munster, we were into the realities of owing a boat.  We had Milvina indoors this winter, which makde the work much easier, despites this mess on our deck. 

The crowd of boats around us included several congenial Englishmen and other Europeans doing similar work, so we had a good social life too
One advantage of working in such an environment is that we can always learn from other boat owners. 
Thus of you who have to do battle with diesel or gas engines after several months out-of-use,  have probably heard of "Sure Start" and other potions that help get them going.
I do not know whether this Australian one one works any better than the competition, but it certainly sounds as if it should.
Fortunately, the village of Burg auf Fehmarn near the boatyard is very nice, so we had some holidaying too.

Boat work was held up by Neil having to make a 2 day trip to New York, because a lawyer on the opposing side in a case he is working on insisted on examining him.  It was also a chance ot meet with an old friend, and of course helped pay for the groceries, but was primarily a nuisance.

After launching we were joined by an old Danish friend, Jens Folke who arrived by train.

We set off for Denmark in a near gale, which was not what we wanted for the first sail of the year.  It was in the right direction, whereas the following days promised a spell of strong contrary winds.

We had a fast run, although docking at Gedser in Denmark was more energetic and exciting that we wished.

We moved quite quickly along the S Danish coast, to Sweden.
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