Scotland and Norway 2009

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Arran to Oban
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Caledonian Canal ("the Crossing")
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Flaam Valley 
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Neil and Helen flew to London at the end of April, and drove to Ardrossan in Scotland to get Milvina ready for a season's sailing, while playing tourist too.

The map below shows our route to August.


The May weather was lousy, although May is often a good month in Scotland.  We were on land, but very near the open sea, so we had lots of wind.  Painting the bottom in 30 knot winds was interesting, and messy.  Fortunately anti-fouling paint is gooey, and does not need to be applied smoothly.

Diane Norwood, a friend from home, was with us for a couple of weeks.  We spent from the 1st May till the 20th working on Milvina, socializing with old friends around Glasgow, and touring by car.

We launched on a beautiful day, and headed to the Isle of Arran and then through the Crinan Canal and up to Oban  shortly afterwards.

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