Norway 2009 - Flaam valley

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The best single day of the summer's cruise was in the Flaam Valley, at the head of AurlandFjord, which is a branch of the giant SogneFjord.

A railway runs from Flaam up to join the Bergen-Oslo line at Myrdal, 850 metres (about 2,800 feet) above.  There is a rough track to up to Myrdal also, which was built about 100 years ago.  Nowadays, it is for walking and mountain bikes only, so we took the train up and biked back down. 

Helen is seen here, biking across a bridge at the top of the trail down.

On the way up, the train passes through several tunnels, and stops at a 50 meter long break in one, so that passengers can step out and see the Kjosfossen Falls


These photos show Helen and Watson getting somewhat wet.

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Our crew, Watson and Wiz Leslie walked down the steep part of the road, and took the train back to Flaam on the long, relatively flat, lower valley.

We saw them here, at the bend in the road below us;

Waterfalls, waterfalls.... 

On the left, we are docked in Flaam, at the bottom of the railway, in the typically calm fjord waters.

Far left is another shot of the Flaam dock, with Milvina in the centre.

The rainbow on the right was in one the many smaller falls we biked past in the Flaam valley.

In the lower valley, the falls are larger, but not so steep.  Helen is seen here biking down the rapids near Anders farm, and again relaxing in an old church yard at the bottom of the valley.
Watson and Wiz occasionally paused from sailing and ogling the scenery to pose for a photograph.
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