Norway 2009 -  Stadt to Alesund

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The  Stadt headland has an ugly reputation for being exceptionally rough, due to tidal currents and unusual bottom topography, but we simply motored round in a calm, dull day.

We stopped in a could of pleasant but unspectacular islands, the headed up NorangFjord, through the "Norwegian Alps"

Notice the long power cable cutting across the photo.  The Norwegians have taken power to pretty much everywhere we saw, obviously at considerable expense, to serve just a few people in some cases.

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We were constantly amazed as the extent of farming in very inhospitable situations.  This heard of goats was being driven from one small pasture to another , along a pate inaccessible to vehicles.

One farmer we met is the 7th generation on his small farm, but he related that his family were grown up and had moved to the city, for better income.  Although the location is beautiful, it is hard to imagine that anyone can make a modern middle-income from such small farms, whereas Norwegian industry has lots of opportunity for educated youngsters.

We tied up in Oye, at the head of NorangFjord for a couple of days.  There is a tiny village, a few farms, and a beautiful old hotel.  The latter was too expensive for us to eat at, so we had our usual cocktail hour and meal on board
Helen and Neil tried to climb Slogan (Helen spells it "Sloggin"), but did not read the top.

The trail is good but brutally steep, needing hands in many places.  We did get some good views.

Milvina is at the dock in bottom centre of the photo on the left.

The shot below was taken for about 2/3 way up Slogan

Next stop was in a quiet bay, where we met up with old friends Gordon and Pat Paterson on Antalya

Our final stop in Norway was in Alesund, (below) which is by far the largest town we visited in Norway.

The town is charming, with a good range of the usual tourist attractions, and a much better range of food shopping than the small towns we had visited.

It is on several islands, with some yacht docks in the middle.

Docks are very much "downtown".  Our mast is just visible above the left hand tree.

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