2020   Panama and Gunayala

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Neil and Andre Poirier went to Milvina in Shelter Bay marina where we had left her when coming home for Helen's hip operation, and did a lot of work on the boat.
Andre also crewed on a yacht going through the canal, partly to help them and partly for fun.
The marina is a popular stop for cruisers heading to and from the Pacific, so is a social place, although far enough from the shops and bright lights of Colon and Panama to have howler monkeys bellowing in the surrounding woods and this crocodile wandering around.
Helen and Neil sailed to the San Blas islands, partly to enjoy them and partly to be better placed for the 200 mile sail, close to the NE Trade Winds to San Andreas. 

We cut the time there to a few days to take advantage of a weather window for sailing North

The overnight voyage to San Andreas was a bit bumpy, being close hauled, and uneventful except for catching this guy.
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