2020   San Andreas

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San Andreas is a small island, part of Columbia, although it is 300 miles offshore and only about 20 miles from Nicaragua.   It is overrun by Colombian tourists, with lots of hotels etc,  The few beaches are crowded like those in Florida, and Florida-style tourist atractions..

We did not like San Andreas as much as other islands, but stayed ten days because the weather was not appealing for going on to Providencia.
Diving around the island is fairly good, and the boat trip around to the dive site was spectacular
There is not a lot of coral, but swimming around this wreck was fun

Like anywhere in the Western Caribbean, there are Lionfish, shown below.
These are an invasive species from the Pacific, which are killing many local fish.  the Lionfish has a horrible sting, but are delicious to eat.  A bounty is often paid for dead ones, and they are served quite cheaply in local restaurants.
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