2015   Isle of Arran

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We finished off the sailing season around the Isle of Arran, where Neil's grandmother came from and cousin Willie McNish still lives.
Peter Tyler joined use before that.  He took this shot of Neil, Shannon Tyler and Heidi Poirier sitting at the top of  Eas 'a Mhor Falls, near Willie's house in Kildonan.

We had a few good hikes on the island, in better weather than we had seen for most of the summer.

Although Arran is by no means the most remote Scottish island, wildlife abounds
Willie took this shot of a heron eating an eel on the shore in front of his house

You have probably heart the old rhyme
"Red sky at night, sailor's delight
Red sky in the morning sailors warning"

We had this great sunrise in Lamlash Loch on our last day in Arran.  We left with a nice forecast of a favorable wind to sail NE to Rothsay, but were instead forced East to Ardrosssan by a near gale from the North.
We hauled out for the winter in Ardrossan, putting our crew to work on preparation for 2016
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