2013 Statt to Arctic Circle

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Statt is a notoriously difficult headland to pass when sailing along the Norwegian coast.  Due to the relatively shallow and complex shape of the ocean floor there, and the lack of protection from the open Atlantic, the seas can be very rough even in moderate weather.

We were lucky enough for Helen to be able wear her bikini as she steered around Statt, as you can see here.

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Moving North from Statt we anchored or docked most nights, but did not spend a lot of time ashore.
Scenery was good in many areas, although we had to motor in calms of light contrary winds too much. Some good sailing too
We spend a couple of days in Trondheim, where Watson and Wiz left and Dennis and Pam joined us

There was a good collection of traditional Norwegian houses in Trondheim.  Mostly squared-off log cabin style with sod roofs.   They have a birch bark underlayer for waterproofing. 
Even today some new houses in Norway have sod roofs, which have some advantages with respect to insulation etc, particularly when applied over modern underlayers.
Anchorages varied from deserted coves like Jensoysundet  to villages like Rorvik. 

There we saw many seagulls nesting on roofs, which we have never seen elsewhere
  As we approached the Arctic Circle, scenery became more dramatic, and we had generally better weather.
The Seven Sisters were under cloud as we approached, then the sun came through about 11PM as we sailed along the North side
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