2013 Arctic Circle to Bodo

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We took advantage of good winds to sail all "night" as we approached the Arctic Circle.  Here we are only a few miles short of it, with the sun still up at about 10 PM, off to the left.

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The visible midnight sun extends about 40 miles South of the Arctic Circle itself, due to refraction in the atmosphere.

We were at the limit of the midnight sun at about midnight, (left photo) and passed the Arctic Circle marker monument on the island of Viken shortly later.
Seems that Norwegians differ on the exact location of the Arctic Circle, since we passed another identical monument, 10 miles further North.

The Svartisen Glacier comes within 3 km of the sea, although it is receding like most others.
We docked just below it and hiked up to the ice.

Like quite a lot of the glaciers we saw, there is a lake between it and the sea, as you can see on the left.

All four of us hiked up to the ice, and brought some very old ice back to celebrate crossing the Arctic Circle
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