2013 Norway South of Statt headland

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We sailed quite quickly through Danish waters, with only overnight stops, and arrived in Norway at Flekifjord near the SW corner.  Watson and Wiz Leslie joined us there to cruise North.

First stop was at Songdahlstrand, where we found an old fishing village which is now quite well converted to summer homes, a common story along the Norwegian coast. 

We had a look at over the hill at Jossfjord, made famous in WW II by the recovery of 300 British prisoners of war from the Altmark.
The building high on the wall is a processing and loading plant for titanium from a nearby mine.

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We saw diverse industrial establishments in unlikely, remote locations  like Jossfjord.  This seems to help keep Norway's remote areas populated and alive, in contrast to so may places where all young people and economic activity gravitates to a few cities.

As we moved North every day, we stopped in a variety of small anchorages, including Gyrhamn, shown here.
The only access is by sea, but there were good hiking paths to nearby cottage communities.

One of our favourite anchorages was on Lysvangen, which we have visited before.

The island is a park, with excellent paths, and is across a few hundred metres of water from the suburbs of Bergen.
We spent a couple of days in Bergen, which we have visited and photographed in 2011.

Photos show Bergen from one of its seven surrounding mountain tops, and across the old harbour.
Milvina is in about the middle of both.
Bergen is statistically the wettest city in Europe, but we have been lucky there on all four visits to date.
The heavily indented Norwegian coast is served by numerous ferries, mostly high speed ones running at over 30 knots.

They often passed us quite closely, even in this twisting channel a couple of hundred metres wide.
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