Gutvika to Nordskot

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We left Gutvika in really warm weather (by Arctic standards)  As Denis said, it was almost surreal to be sailing in shorts amongst hills with winter snow still visible.
The water is somewhat warmer than Maine water in the summer, but still not comfortable for swimming.

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We headed back East, to Nordskot on the mainland, with great view of the Lofoten Islands  as they sank part way below the horizon astern.
About half the Lofoten chain is visible on the horizon on the left, disappearing into the haze North and South.

the mainland is almost as spectacular as the Lofotens, with the two peaks on the right overlooking Nordskot.

The midnight sun provides quite good light, as seen on the right, with the Nordskot skerries in the foreground, and the Lofotens 40 miles away on the horizon. 
If the camera sets the exposure with the sun in the shot, it seems darker than reality, while the zoom lens really makes the 40 mile distant islands look close.
Midnight at the bar is quite different from home, but I prefer the old gaffer on the right
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