Lofotens in the wet

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After Nordskot we sailed back to Bodo, where Denis and Pam left, and Jens Folke, a Danish friend joined us.  He came from a heatwave in Denmark, but hit the start of our worst weather in Norway, so far.

We sailed back across Vestfjord to the Lofoten islands, and stopped in at a couple of anchorages

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We hid from a storm in Svolvaer's snug harbour and drove to the "end of the world", in the village of A. 

The real name is written as on the sign, which is the last letter in the Norwegian alphabet, and the town is the end of the road. It is a target for RV drivers, to whom driving form Sicily to A is a popular goal .

Until 50 years ago, it was a fiefdom, with the locals pretty much slaves, drying cod and making cod liver oil.  It it is now a successful tourist spot, selling the cod liver oil, which they claim cures all ills.
  There are acres of cod drying racks in A, empty when were there, after the end of cod season.

We also stopped in at Nuisford, another beautiful but  formerly poor fishing village, which is now a tourist spot.  There is a fee to even enter the village.
Svolvaer is a pleasant town about halfway along the Lofoten chain, where Derek joined us.
 "The Goat" seen above town here, with its twin topped spire that looks over the fuel dock.
We saw one climber jump from top to top.
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