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Once in real water, we headed South, continuing construction, and meeting other boats. 

After some check-out, and fixing a problem with engine cooling, we have motored south through Lake Champlain.  We have done this  3 times, but this is the first when we were not being chased by winter.

The lake is beautiful, so we took a week or so, did some boat work, and relaxed too

Looking aft through the saloon, with one aft cabin and the main entrance visible behind Helen.


Click here for more photos below decks.


A canal leads from the South end of Lake Champlain to the Hudson River, which is tidal from Albany southwards.

Here we are descending the last lock, almost in tidewater.

We are pretty small in the large commercial lock, and were please that we did not have to share with a freighter.

Shortly South of the end of the canal, we stopped for a week or so at Castleton on Hudson, and stepped the mast.

This was a major project, since it is 72 feet high and the available "crane", actually a gin-pole with a hand cranked winch, is only 44 feet off the water.

First shot from the top of the mast.  we intend to install steps eventually, but so far the bosun's chair is the only way up.


The galley is set off to port, with a narrow, dead-ended workspace that the cook can jamb into, without needing a safety belt at sea.

Top opening fridge and freezer are visible, forward.


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