2020   Roatan

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Roatan is only about 8 miles from Guanaja, but we had a 30 mile trip go our first anchorage at Jonesville.  We met several friends there, and also rented a small motor bike to see the island.  Helen was brave enough to put with my driving after about 45 years without touching a motorbike.
We also explored miles of tunnels that the local keep open through the mangroves so that they can travel along the shore in boats fare to small for the ocean breakers outside.
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We spent nearly a month in French Harbor, a few miles West of Jonesville.  Tricky to enter, but VERY sheltered.  We tied up in a marina, because Neil had to fly home for a routine injection in his eye. 
The marina was almost too comfortable, with this bar just over the rail, and a beautiful beach on the other side of the trees a hundred metres from our starboard side

There was a small zoo a dinghy ride away.  Most animals are local species, and seem very friendly.
The iguanas seem friendly too, but are best not played with since they bite.

We sailed round to the West end of Roatan, where diving was great, but omitted to take pictures because our stay was abruptly terminated.
While anchored in West End, he Covid issue became serious.  Diving was stopped, and we received word that Guatemala would close its borders the next day.   We rapidly completed the clumsy ad bureaucratic process of clearing out of customs, and sailed for Livingston, the port of entry for Guatemala mmediately.
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