2020   House on Quathiaski Cove

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There is a video at 800 Summer Run Place Quadra Island - YouTube  by a previous realtor.  I do not know how long it will stay on line

In December 2020 we bought this property in Quathiaski Cove, BC

In case your geography teacher omitted to show you where Quathiaski Cove is located, there are a couple of maps below to help.

Google will find the cove, but not our street,
Summer Run Place

(Double click for full size picture)
Gaia GPS topo maps show the trail into our house quite well.
It makes the road into our former house on Fisher's Point seem quite good.

You will need this map to come visiting
Our dock is easy to find by boat, and shows on Google Earth
Site plan and view of North side

Double click for full size picture)
The living room is quite conventional with large widows looking South, and a balcony outside.
There is a mezzaine floor above.  We do not know yet how we will use it
Views from the decks are good, with snowcapped mountains when the weather is clear on the tops in Winter.

There is a huge workshop cum garage too, high enough for our moble home
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