Harstad and whales

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Harstad is a pleasant town with a variety of small industry, and a goo d Viking museum and the Trondenes stone church.
The location was considered important by Hitler, so the Germans installed four "Adolf Guns" claimed to be the largest cannons of the war, capable of hitting targets in and approaching Narvik, 35 miles away.
We could not visit it, because it is considered military, and only guided tours by car are permitted.
The fort for the giant canons was built largely by Russian prisoners, who were treated abdominally, so over 800 died.  The memorial in the photo is in a beautiful location today, beside the Trondenes church, but the grassy field was a horrible prison camp in the 1940's
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All over Arctic Norway, we were amazed at ho green everything is, and the number of farms along the coast.  Further inland away form the Gulf Stream it is different.
Helen is holding a local clover plant.  The giant size is typical of the local annual vegetation.
After leaving Harstad, we passed through a school of about 20 whales.

Normally, such schools seem to be moving in one direction, but these guys were gambolling around.  We have no idea whether they were dating, mating or just playing.

The pattern on this guy's chest suggests that they are pilot whales.
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