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Getting to the Bahamas is complicated by the 50 mile wide Gulf Stream, which flows rapidly North between the islands and Florida.  In addition to pushing boats North, the Stream causes miserable seas when winds are blowing from the North.

We would like to sail down the Northwest Providence Channel to Great Stirrup Cay, then follow the Berry island to Nassau.  However, if the winds are unfavorable, we may pass North of Grand Bahama Island and spend a few days along the Abaco Cays to the NE of it.

Derek, Michael and a friend (Eric Lavallee) joined us in Port Canaveral as soon as college finished in December.  We headed South along the coast, since the winds were consistently cool and from the North, which kicks up miserable seas in the Gulf Stream.  We had good runs from Port Canaveral to Fort Pierce, then another day to Palm Beach, where we are waiting for a weather window at the time of writing this page. Hopefully the  green coastal water will soon be replaced by the deep blue of the Gulf Stream.
We were joined by an unusually large school of dolphins off the Florida coast, and Derek caught these two coming up for air.        Sailing home page                  Home