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Last update  17 December 2015

Copy of slides on Svalbard presented at OCC meeting in Noank, CT on
7th February 15

Click here to see where Milvina is while we are sailing.  (This link active till about the end of September  2015)
You will open a map.  Often you have to click on the map to zoom in or out to see well

This  map works fairly well on a slow Internet connection, but is ineffective if we have not been on board for ten days or more..

You can often find us on www.MarineTraffic.com, by searching for Milvina in the Vessel Name box (after 1st May 2015)

Click here to see Milvina's track for past few years.  This link works year round, and  is best with a browser OTHER THAN Internet Explorer version 10
You can zoom in on this map as it is loading.  Keep the red dots roughly in the centre
Click on  "Show log entries" at the bottom of the map to see notes on what we were  doing in each location.
Hover your mouse over a red dot for a short note on the status on board.

Click the "SATELLITE"  tab  above either  map to see us on Google Earth

                          This site is primarily for family use,  but includes some information on McCubbin Consultants.

Principal current news is that Michael will be marrying Claire Stockdill in Victoria in June 2016.  Also, our lakefront house in Quebec is for sale at www.FishersPoint.ca

                                                  Click here for this year's photos.

015 has been good to us so far, with Michael further developing his law office in Vancouver, Derek settled into teaching in Calgary, and the old folks being pretty much retired, while still enjoying mixing a little working, and a lot of skiing and sailing.   All four of us went to Helen's Mum's in Tucson for Christmas 2014 and 2015.

We made a 5 week trip West in the Winter again , mostly to ski Whistler, but also to see friends.

This  update covers activities in Norway and Scotland in 2015

Photo on right is Milvina sailing past Ben Nevis in Scotland in June 2015.  Several years sailing logs here.