Trans-Atlantic 2008 -  Scotland

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We had a remarkably calm passage up the Irish Sea, even although we ran through the North Channel between Scotland and Ireland with a strong wind behind us and the tidal current against us.  Such conditions are is usually a formula for rough waters, but all went fairly smoothly.

We stopped in Stranraer for a couple of days, and had a great dinner with Helen Scott, and old family friend who Neil had not seen in 25 years.

From Stranraer we headed North to the Isle or Arran, where the original Milvina was sailed by two of Neil's great-uncles before the first World War.

On the way, we passes Ailsa Craig, a 1000 foot high rock in the approaches to the Clyde, also known as "Paddy's Milestone"

As we approached Arran, we sailed close to the lighthouse on the island of Pladda.

Neil's grandmother grew up in the white house on the Arran shore, at the extreme left of the photo.

We spent several days in Arran anchorages, spread over three trips from the mainland.  Helen, Michael and Barb discovered the place is somewhat polluted with McCubbin cousins and their offspring, but we all had a good time.

Our first stop in Arran was at Lamlash, a pleasant village, and a well protected natural harbour.  Unfortunately, like many of the protected spots in the Clyde estuary mooring buoys have been put down in most of the good anchoring spots.  These cost money to use, and are of little advantage to the sailor, except for the occasional weekend when there are too many boats present to allow anchoring room.


Here we are sailing past Arran, with the highest peak, Goat Fell, in sight.  We have climbed it before, and intend to do so again next year. 

With the calm weather, and an extra crew member, it was s good chance to dump the dinghy overboard for a sailing photo.

We spent a few weeks cruising around the Clyde with various friends on board.  Weather was worst in 60 years (after Northern Scotland having had a drought in early summer).

We spent a couple of days in Tarbert, a very nice village with hiking/biking trails all around and several good restaurants and pubs.

The tiny figures on the trail are Watson and wiz Leslie, more old sailing friends from way back who joined us for a week.

Kirsteen (cousin's daughter) is at the helm off Arran while Michael tends the fishing gear.

We fished a lot, with very little success. 

We finally hauled Milvina out in Ardrossan on 24th September, and left her on the hard for the winter.

Photo is from the boatyard, with the ferry arriving from Arran.  the Paps of Jura, 55 miles away, are visible off the ferry's bow. 

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