Vancouver Island Fall 2020

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As Fall advanced, we found the BC Interior climate rather cold to enjoy biking, so we moved on to Vancouver Island to visit Michael and Claire. 

First stop on the Island was this delightful English pub for lunch on a very English wet day.

After a weekend with Michael and Claire, and meeting their high energy  German Shepherd pup for the first time, we drove to the NE tip of the island, and hiked into San Joseph Bay

The Bay is quite beautiful, with wide sands at low water, and a few islands at high water.
The forest around San Joseph Bay seems to be never-logged old-growth.
The difference between those trees and the more commonly seen new growth, even of forests 100 years after cutting is striking.
Of course we need the new forests to build houses, make paper etc, but keeping some of the old growth for historical reasons makes sense too.
We also visited Jim and Deborah Stockdill, Claire's parents, at their ski cabin on Mount Washington.

Once above the timberline, the mainland mountains become visible, stretching nearly 180 degrees along the horizon.  This is one sample.

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