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Providencia is a subsidiary island to San Andreas and is MUCH less developed.  We liked it a lot.

It is only about 20 miles away, but being s bit East, the wind is rarely favourable for the trip.
The coast is quite rugged but their is one good anchorge

Like most Caribbean islands Europeans used it as a fortress at some point, so there are still a few old canons in the woods.
We climbed the highest hill in the island, visible in the top photo.
It is required to hire a local guide "for safety"  
In reality it is a straightforward hike up a good path.
However our guide,  Johndy, was well worth his fee for the information on local fauna and good stories.
At the summit he whipped three fresh coconuts out of his pack and chopped the top off for us to drink the cool milm.

There did not seem to be any large wildlife, the we saw these small beasties.
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