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The obvious route from Providencia to Guanaja is simply around the NE corner of Nicaragua, stopping at some of the attractive islands en route.  Unfortunately there have been an number of attacks on yachts by armed fishermen en route.   The recommended approach is to sail in groups and to stay well off the mainland coast.
There was only one other yacht around, so we went together, keeping a few hundred metres apart, and traversing the most dangerous section at night, with no difficulties
Although part of Honduras, English is hte most common language because
On arriving at Guanaja we had to check in at the main town, Bonacca.
Although Guanaja is about 12 miles by 2 miles, much of the population and all the government offices are on Bonacca, an island a couple of hundred meteres off the main island.  This is clearly visible on Google Earth.
We were told that people chose to  live there to avoid flies on the main island at some seasons.
There seem to be no cars in Bonacca, because there is no room.  Goods are moved by boat and handcart.
People were very friendly everywhere

After checking in we anchored in a couple of agreeable spots, including this one below Mi Casa Too,
The restaurant at the top of a hundred step staircase from the dinghy dock, served excellent, inexpensive food.  
We also anchored of Josh Cay where there is a small hotel and excellent restaurant.
It is reputedly a great diving spot, but winds were too strong while we were there to enjoy diving. 

Due again to weather, we left before having had time to see all we had wanted to, sailing for more sheltered waters on Roatan.

2020 was probably the worst weather in 50 years in the Western Caribbean.
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