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We launched Milvina in the Clyde in June, immediately after Michael and Claire's wedding, tested our new mainsail and assymetrical spinnaker, then had an enjoyable short sail to Arran.
First visit to Ireland, we had to motor all the way from Arran in a flat calm the next day to meet some other Ocean cruising Club (OCC) boats in Carrickfergus.  On the way, the exhaust system sprang a leak,the engine starting battery boiled, blasting out an impressive jet of steam, and a filling fell out of Neil's tooth.
We emailed ahead to Wendy Grant, the OCC Port Officer in Carrickfergus.  She and her husband made rapid arrangements to fix all, then proceeded to ply us with much appreciated hospitality on our arrival.
Part of the fun was a tour of Belfast including the Titanic museum (interesting but a bit overrated) the pubs, (great) and a several other sights.

We arrived in style as guests on an OCC motor yacht, tying up in the heart of Belfast.

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We also enjoyed lunch at the Royal Ulster Yacht Club, along with a contingent from the Clyde Cruising Club, then sailed up to balmy Jura with them, to anchor under the palm trees at Craighouse
  With a population of about 170 people and several thousand deer, Jura must be one of the most sparsely populated parts of Europe.  Several of our sailing companions toured the Jura distillery, and some bought the whisky, but none stretched to the $2000 each for the 50 year old bottles on sale.

Sailing up the Sound of Jura was good, with enough of a mix of sun and showers for rainbows to enhance the scenery.
We went for a walk and met two of the guests form Michael and Claire's wedding, by chance.  Small world
On the second visit to Ireland, we went straight from Oban to Howth, then to Kilmore Quay at the SE corner.  There, we tied up next to the RNLI lifeboat, and were invited to go out on her on a very simple rescue.  It is an impressive vessel, with massive power, and control electronics close to those on the Starship Enterprise.
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