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The sailing year started with a little work on Milvina in Ulsteinvik.  Still lots of snow on the hills but none at sea level.
We had planned to leave for Scotland in a few days, but weather for crossing was poor, so we had a few weeks in Norway
While at the dock, this Sudanese woman approached me shyly, asking if I could take a fish off her hook.  She is one of a small group of refugees living in Ulsteinvik, and had been sent by her husband to fish for supper. (He normally does the fishing). 
She related how pleased she was that Norway had allowed them to escape the Sudan, even although her family found the cold difficult. The background in the photo is rather different from her idea of normal.

Heading South from Ulsteinvik, we stopped in Bergen (the wettest city in Europe) where we had great weather
This photo, taken near midnight, shows a few of the flowers that were also benefitting from the warm weather

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We spent a few days in Stavanger, where the contrast between the traditional industries of fishing with the 21st century oil industry is striking.
The size and complexity of this oil rig under construction gives some idea of the sophistication massive scale of work needed to get gas into our tanks.
The parade is celebrating Norway's equivalent of Canada Day.

We stopped in several small, quiet towns, such as Mosterhamn and Skudeneshavn.
When had a forecast of reasonable weather we set off for the Shetland Islands, planning visit the North end and the sail South, but weather took us to Lerwick
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