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Raftsundet a narrow and beautiful channel about 15 miles long between the island of Hinnoy and the chain of islands leading down to the Lofotens.

Trollfjord, a 1 1/2 mile long fjord runs off Raftsundet.  It is well publicised.  Under 100 metres wide for half its length, it is a favourite of the cruise ship passengers as the ship which barely squeezes through, then has to turn in the 350 m wide pool at the head of the fjord.  I suspect the  cruise ship captains are less enthusiastic.
Although it is narrow, Trollfjord is not a problem for Milvina, although we were glad it was calm.  Sailing between these rock walls would have been "interesting"
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Only a mile or so Northe of Troll fjord, we found the beautiful anchorage in Grundfjord.

Entry is shallow, but not nearly as shallow as the charts show.
Although we were in the Land of the Midnight Sun, it appeared to set about 9 PM, because the hills around are high.

It was full daylight all night, but in shadow.
The lake on the right is only a hundred meters or so from the anchorage.
It was warm enough for swimming, but photos are censored.

Further up the valley was a pleasant hike, although there are no paths through the vegetation.
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