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North West of Tromso lies an area of fjords and rugged mountains around Lyngenfjorden.  It includes the only glacier in mainland Europe that flows right down to the sea. 

The  hills at the entry to the fjord are not particularly steep, but they graced us with a little sunshine. 

We spent a week there, unfortunately in poor weather and with the added complexity of the engine failing, so we had to sail the 70 miles or so back to Tromso in winds varying from plenty to none.

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Even in summer, snow is never far away.  We did not have time to hike up to it here

Michael and Claire had just arrived from Turkey, so noticed a difference.
Although not bikini weather, we could lunch outside and enjoy the scenery.

And this calm anchorage about half way down the fjord.
We had hoped to some hiking in Lyngen, but a major engine failure required that we use the best winds to make the 70 miles or so back to Tromso, where we planned to leave Milvina for the winter, and where it was practical to repair the engine.

After some investigation, we decided to get rid of the ever-troublesome Volvo and order a new engine to install in early 2014.
Michael and Claire flew home to Vancouver, while Helen and Neil spent a week with friends in England, visited the boat show at Southampton and also a potential engine supplier (Betamarine).

Touristing in England included the historic steamer "Great Britain" in Bristol, an Ocean Cruising Club dinner, and of course a few pubs.

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