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From Grundfjord we went on up Raftrsundet to Lonkanfjord, anchoring in the extreme end, which is uninhabited, except for a couple of summer cottages.

Entry to the fjord was encouraging, with good scenery and the sun shining

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At the head of the fjord we had to cruise around for a while to find water the right depth to anchor on the glacier debris at the mouth of the river.  Most of the fjord was far too deep.
Next morning, we cold not see the shore 100 metres away, but as we walked up the valley, the hills started to appear
After 3 km on a nice flat trail (actually the remains of a 100+ year old rail line built to support a long abandoned mine) we found the brutally steep trail up to the col of Moysalen, and were able to look back at Milvina in the anchorage
   The steep trail led to an easier one above the col, heading for Moysalen, the highest peak in the area.
As we climbed, several lakes emerged, along with dozens of other peaks.
 As we climbed, the valleys below filled in with mist, and the sun became steadily hotter.
When we found this snow slope, with the need to jump the gap on the right, and then to walk over snow (and hidden ice ???) with a  definite death fall each side, we decided that we were inadequately equipped, and quit about 50 m below the top, satisfied with our day. 
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