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After entering Reine on a cloudy evening, we wakened to these views on each side of us, and the noise of cod being beheaded.

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The Reinebringen towers 600 metres over the village, and with a beautiful sunny day, we headed up to the top.

The lower 400 metres or so of the trail is brutally steep, but not technically difficult.  (On a wet day it would be horrible)

This shot shows Pam Moonan on beautiful and easy upper part of the trail.
Two views from the to of the Reinebringen.

Unfortunately the Kjerk Fjord on the right is inaccessible for Milvina, since there is a 15 metre highway bridge across the entrance.
Reine harbour is one of the most beautiful we saw, but in many ways the sight of this eagle flying below us while climbing the Reinebringen was just as impressive
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