2012 Finland and Sweden heading South

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After leaving Russia, we sailed through the Finnish and then the Swedish archipelagos, roughly retracing our route of a few weeks previously, but stopping at other anchorages.

Initially, we were early enough (late July) and far enough North to have very short nights. 

This photo was taken at about 4 AM with Milvina sharing a typically ultra-quiet anchorage with 50 or more other boats

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   There are MANY snug anchorages in the huge archipelago East of Stockholm.
Some are quite small.
Swedes generally prefer to tie up to the rocks, with an anchor off astern to hold them off.
About half the Swedish boats seemed to have English names, including the one on the left
   Some entrances are quite narrow, as here at Lokholmen.

Many of the islands have pleasant paths for hiking, but the distances are short, with most islands less than a few kilometres long.
  The Swedes take their ice-cream seriously.
On one island with a tiny store, we came across this 600 HP inflatable ice cream delivery "truck".  The student driving it seemed quite serious when he asserted that all this power was essential to the ice-cream trade.
Later, when anchored amongst some offshore, uninhabited rocks, we were visited by a young lady selling ice cream and croissants from another high-power inflatable.   No sign of the traditional Swedish energy economy
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