2012 St Isaac's Cathedral

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St Isaac's Cathedral was built in the early 19th century. The building itself took 23 years to complete, and then a further 17 years were spent decorating it.
Like many of the spectacular building and much of the art in St Petersburg, the idea was conceived by a Tsar, and the design was foreign.   The architect was French, (Auguste de Mondferrand) and the engineer was a Scotsman, William Handyside.

There are many excellent pictures on the web.  A few of ours are here.

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Visiting St Isaac's huge main hall is hard on ones neck muscles, because there is so much to see high up and overhead.

The huge scale is apparent from the size of the people in the pictures, but being on the spot, it seems even larger.

The ceiling inside the dome is spectacular with a dove in the centre.

To the left is a picture of Christ, set between columns of blue marble
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