Germany in the Fall

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.Our first stop in Germany was at Pennemunde, where Hitler's minions developed the infamous V1 and V2 rockets.  Most of it was destroyed by allied bombers, but the remains, mostly the power station, are now a very well presented museum.  The parallel socio/political and scientific events leading to the war are thoughtfully presented.

I was quite surprised at the relatively small size the V2 rocket here beside Helen and Heidi. 
The area is very flat, so Heidi could not resist the opportunity to go up the mast for a good look.

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We stopped in at Griefwald, not far from Pennemunde and enjoyed the traditional German small-town architecture.

Afterwards we sailed on the inland waters to Vitte on the HiddenSee.  This is pretty much a vacation island, with  a LOT more bikes than cars.  The local planners have resisted any large developments, so it is quite charming.
We were not the only ones using windpower in the area.  We passed many onshore and offshore wind farms, particularly in Danish waters.  About 25% of electricity used in Denmark is from wind power.
In the sheltered waters of the HiddenSee, we saw amazing numbers of kiteboarders and windsurfers.
From the HiddenSee we sailed straight to Fehmarn, to lay Milvina up for the winter.

It was great to have all the help there, with Heather and Heidi, who were joined but Andre and Alex Poirier too.

Our plan for 2013 is to head up the Norwegian coast to the Lofoten Islands, to enjoy the scenery and the midnight sun, then south to the Clyde for the winter.

Time will tell how that works out.

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